How It Works


Pizza Pal Shop Subscriptions

Like a CSA but for your favorite locally sourced wood fired pizza kitchen.

With COVID case numbers on the rise and the uncertainty of the upcoming Winter, Well Crafted Kitchen needs your support more then ever! Here’s how you can help: join our Pizza Pal Subscription Plan. It’s kind of like a CSA you’ve come to know and love from our favorite local farmers, but for wood fired pizza.  Check out the FAQs below to learn more.


  1. Sign up for a Pizza Pal Credit Subscription 
  2. Browse our weekly pizza list
  3. Add Pizzas to your cart to redeem your credits (each pizza = 1 credit)
  4. Select a pickup date and time during check out. Then pick your order up at Dockside Pick-Up (1700 W 41st St)
  5. Take home and enjoy your fresh locally sourced pizzas


Pizza Pal Subscriptions offer per-pizza discounts on most pizzas AND access our Pizza Pal Secret Menu. The Pizza Pal Secret menu includes pizzas only available to subscribers at various times throughout the month.

Pizza Pal Subscriptions help provide us with financial stability. This helps us plan our weekly food menu, schedule our team, and purchase our ingredients. By becoming a Pizza Pal Subscriber, you will be directly supporting our 11 team members (and the many local farmers and makers we source from).


How much does a Pizza Pal Subscription cost?

Subscription prices vary based on the length of subscription and the number of pizzas you plan to order per week. Plan prices are based on the total number of Pizza Pal Credits included and range from $12/credit to $13.50/credit. We currently offer small, medium, and large 3 month or 6 month plans.

What is a Pizza Pal Credit?

A Pizza Pal Credit is a unit of currency used to purchase pizzas in the Pizza Pal Shop. Pizza Pal Credits can be purchased as bundles in our subscriber plans. Additional credits can also be purchased from The Shop and added to existing accounts.

How many Pizza Pal Credits does a pizza cost?

All pizzas in the Pizza Pal Shop are 1 credit each. We encourage you to be adventurous and try something you might not normally try.

Do Pizza Pal Credits Expire?

Yes, Pizza Pal Subscriptions help us know how many pizzas to plan for in advance each month. Therefore, credits, unless used, will expire on a monthly basis based on your subscription level. For example, if you selected the 3 month small plan, which includes 2 Pizza Pal Credits per month, you must use a minimum of 2 credits per month to avoid having any expire.

Do I receive all of the Pizza Pal Credits upfront?

Yes, all Pizza Pal Subscription Credits for each plan are received upfront as soon as you subscribe. Your credit balance can be seen on your account page and is also listed during the checkout process.

When can I pick-up my order?

You can schedule your order for Dockside Pick-Up during our normal kitchen hours, 12pm- 8pm Wednesday – Sunday. If you schedule your order for a day the Kitchen is closed, we will contact you to adjust your pickup date.

When is the Pizza Pal Shop Menu Updated?

We update the Pizza Pal Shop every Monday night with new pizzas that are available that week.

Are subscriptions automatically renewed?

Currently, subscriptions are not automatically renewed. At the end of your subscription, or when your Pizza Pal Credits are running low, we will send you a reminder email to re-subscribe or purchase more credits.

When does my plan start?

Your credits are active as soon as you sign up.

Can I purchase a Pizza Pal Subscription as a gift?

Yes! Just check the “Order As a Gift” box during checkout and enter the recipients name and e-mail address. We will follow up with you with more details about how they can activate their account. To make sure we don’t spoil the surprise, we will not contact the recipient until after they register their account.